E2DAS is focused on to provide SMEs and SMBs that require complementary electronic, mechanic and electro-mechanic design engineering external or OEM/ODM services in their business operations in order to be competitive in the market. Nevertheless re-design of existing products and project feasibility analysis can be efforted by E2DAS engineers. In brief, E2DAS raises customers' added value by the complementary engineering services.


Turnkey system engineering services includes mechanic, electronic hardware , software and RF sub-design operations can be efforted by our own engineers who are expert in their fields.


Mechanic designs which are defining elements of product visualization and functionality, are being undertaken from concept design up to the final product by 3D design tools at all stages in accordance with the wishes of the customers.


Electronic hardware designs are evaluated as part of mechanical design and modeled in 3D. This design approach provides perfect harmony between electronic and mechanical parts and system peripherals and also allows us to intervene to the conceptual design when necessary. Besides we can also carry out electronic hardware designs as a discrete operation according to the customer demands. These kind of sub-projects generally occur as work packages of main contractors’ development and/or supply projects as OEM business.


E2DAS Engineering Team provides software development to the customers as a part of system engineering and/or device/module development projects by own software development team. Our team has capabilities to effort embedded software development, PC software development, web based software development, firmware development, embedded linux and signal processing operations within the scope of software design engineering. E2DAS is not a Software Development Company. Software development means us to meet our customers' demands as electronic devices and/or electro-mechanic systems.


Mil-Std design and implementation capability is the basic expertise of E2DAS Co-Founders and these defence industry based operation give direction to our vission and mission at the beginning. E2DAS works as sub-contractor of international main contrators in defence industry. We can be project contractor partner as well having only work packages of main development or supply projects. E2DAS also efforts Mil-Std and environmental condition tests with different roles as consultant, supervisor and operating business.


Technical Support and Maintenance/Sustainment Services are rendered with an objective of availability ratio of minimum 95%. E2DAS keeps importance to be centre of excellence in Technical Support and Maintenance Business in Turkish Defence Industry. With its customer-oriented approach, superior quality concept, experienced technical staff and professional engineering services for the Technical Support and Maintenance/Sustainment services, E2DAS is heading towards becoming the top provider in this field. E2DAS Technical Support and Maintenance Centre also works as authorized technical support and maintenance center of international brands in OEM region.
Technical Support and Maintenance/Sustainment activities that we effort;

• Troubleshooting
• Periodic Maintenance
• Failure Reporting and Analysis
• Materials Supply

• Preparing and recording activity reports;
     • Preparing Monthly Activity Reports,
     • Preparing Quarterly Reports,
     • Preparing Semiannual Reports


In addition to offering a context for understanding the diverse geographic and economic variations in local market circumstances, E2DAS also continuously watches the threats that can inhibit the firm’s ability to achieve its objectives. Each threat can be such a new competitor entering the local market, a government mandate regulating a business activity, an economic recession, rising interest rates etc.

• Market Analysis & Market Development
• Business Plan Formulation & Execution
• Assurance of timely deliveries and overall processing simplification
• Communications translated into pertinent languages
• Continued technical, commercial and logistical assistance after contract award
• Assessment and elimination of country risks

As a representative company, E2DAS supports its clients for product-specific risks, such as credit risks and operational risks caused by domestic political-economic situations and performing constant and simultaneous analysis of market developments.


In the scope of consultancy services; System Engineering and Project Management Services, MIL-STD Design and Test Consultancy Services for Defence Industry Projects, Consultancy Services for R&D Projects, Quality Assurance Services, and Infrastructure Services for Information Technologies, Strategic Planning Services for Start-Up, Spin-Off investments are offered for projects containing military and civil advanced technologies.

With years of experience, wide business network in every sector and expert personnel strength in the field, E2DAS , functions as a bridge between Industry, Universities, Public Institutions and Organizations about R&D project planning, management, funding, positioning, domestic and international project partnerships, technology transfer, ideas and concept development, grants and incentives.


National R & D efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of information technology; Idea management, R & D Project Management Portal, R & D Center Management Portal, R & D Actors Social Business Network Implementation of projects is planned.