About Us.

E2DAS was founded to provide qualified services on defence industry, telecommunication and information technology markets by well experienced team in their own field. E2DAS is focused on to be a value added share holder of product based companies to complement their businesses by professional services that E2DAS offer. Turnkey Engineering Services, Technical Support and Maintenance Services, Consultancy and Third Party solutions are basic professional services that we effort. E2DAS presents complementary mechanical, electronic harware-software and rf design operations as a sub-contractor of SMEs as well as MIL-STD design and test engneering services in their R&D projects. E2DAS was founded as a innovation and university-industry corporation based corporate start-up organization.

Our Mission.

Provide qualified services to the global markets on Government & Defence, Telecommunication, and Information Technology by focusing on the continuous inovation and university-industry cooperation.

Our Vision.

To be the most value added share holder of product based start-up, spin-off companies throughout the world on technology focused markets with the services we effort.


• Becoming technology-focused and know-how owner
• Creating value-added services and products
• Becoming customer-oriented
• Placing high priority on employee satisfaction
• Aiming continuous development and improvement

• Giving priority to efficiency and loyalty to ethical values
• Giving particular importance to cooperation and information sharing
• Being sensitive to the environment
• Being accountable to public.


Current infrastructure of the E2DAS lends itself to the services and specification of network-centric systems. E2DAS has resources and capabilities in;

• Turnkey system engineering,
• Mechanical design, development and test engineering,
• Electronic hardware and software design, development and test engineering,
• MIL - STD system design, development and test engineering,
• Technical maintenance engineering,
• Project Management and Planning Consultancy for SMEs,
• MIL - STD test and implementation consultancy for SMEs,
• Corporate Management Consultancy for SMEs,
• Strategic Management and Planning Consultancy for SMEs,
• R&D Investments and Foundations Consultancy for SMEs,
• Market Development and Branding Consultancy for SMEs